Fix your Motherboard Problem

Lafix Technologies provides Fast, reliable and professional motherboard repair services.

Are you Looking for a Motherboard Repair Service ? We Do Component Level Repairing For Laptop and Desktop Motherboard.

The Motherboard (also known as the system board or main board or logic board) is the heart and brains of your laptop. Replacing a Motherboard is an expensive undertaking and you may not have to. LaFix is there to help because we understand motherboards, through our 18 years of experience.
Many problems can be related to your system board. Our technicians are experts in electronics and system board component repair. This means, we can fix your system board, rather than replace it, which will save you money. Our ability to repair system boards makes us unique in the laptop and notebook repair industry. We are replacing the complicated Graphics, South Bridge and North Bridge with Proper BGA Work Station

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