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LCD / LED All In One Desktop Repair. Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Issues with Computer laptop and notebook LCD screen repair are among the common problems users encounter. There are several problems that may occur with your laptop or notebook’s LCD monitor.
Are there places that appear burned out, white, or stay red, green or blue on your LCD screen? Does the screen turn on for a moment, only to apparently turn off by itself? Does your mouse pointer leave a streak when you move it? Are pictures and/or text blurry on your LCD monitor?
Some solutions include simple adjustments to your LCD monitor. Other issues may require your LCD screen be repaired or replaced. Believe it or not, sometimes it may not even be your LCD monitor, but the video card. The one sure-fire way to know what your LCD needs is to contact the technicians at LaFix. You get free diagnoses; estimates and our “no fix no fee” policy. You won’t pay for time unless we fix it. We provide 1 months warranties on repairs of LCD, LED All IN One Desktop. (Warranty In House only Not Onsite)

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