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What is a PCB?
If you want to describe PCB to someone who is outside of the industry, very simply put, it is a board that connects all the electronic components. Different kind of components like capacitors, resistors are all soldered in the main board of the PCB where and when find appropriate. These PCBs successfully fulfills the need of an electronic device they could fit well in a component within the smallest amount of space possible. Printed Circuit boards have now become an essential part of many electronic components so they can perform for their intended functions. Their design may appear a bit complex, but overtime it has gotten simpler and its size has decreased gradually.
LaFix is also providing PCB designing and fabrication works in electronics domain, we are in the business of design & manufacture of various types (Single Layer Double Layer) of custom electronic products at affordable costs while delivering high quality of work. Contact us for your custom electronic product development & manufacturing needs.

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